In Traditional Chinese medicine the emotions are understood in terms of their relationship to different organs in the body,

  • Spleen  – melancholic feeling down,
  • Heart – happiness,
  • Kidney – fear flight and fright,
  • Lung – grief sadness,
  • Liver – frustration and anger.  

We should all experience these emotions on a normal healthy balanced level.  But an excess of emotions can cause ill health and affect you on a physical as well as emotional level.

To much anger disrupts the flow of your liver energy so you can get symptoms of feeling angry, frustrated, get a tightness in your chest, a lump in your throat, signing, knotty feeling in your tummy, nausea and pain. Women can experience tender breast and disruption to the menstrual cycle.  Or you can experience to much joy like winning the lotto you can not believe your luck and the excitement has a major physical affect on your body and you could have a heart attack. (remember that the heart emotion is happiness).  This emphasises is the interconnectedness between the organ and the emotional health.  In traditional Chinese medicine if you treat the organ affected by the emotion it is possible to help achieve a more balanced emotions and relief the physical symptoms.

Going to go Chinese Medicine on you and how CM looks at emotions –  the heart houses the mind peacefully, like a bird in a cage, happy sitting on its little perch with food and water but if someone comes and rattles the cage it becomes flustered, anxious, worried doesn’t eat can’t sleep.  Acupuncture helps to restore the harmony back to your system on all levels emotional, physical and spiritually.

We need energy to sleep and we need energy to house the Po this is the spirit of the Liver energy if the Po is happy in the liver you sleep well, if you do not have energy to sleep the Po is not housed peacefully, you toss and turn, dream and nightmares.

Acupuncture is fantastic at treating depression and anxiety, by helping the organ that is associated to your emotions to lift your depression.rebalance your system and generally improve your health.

Your opinion on your life is important, you need to value yourself. Remember to be nice to yourself

It is really important that you talk to your friends, because a problem halved is a problem shared. Think which friend is best to share your problems with.  Don’t relate your life to much to social media, those pictures are only a snap shot in time.  It’s a little bit like you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.  Most important take care of yourself and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.

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