Lucy Acupuncture Galway and Pregnancy

Lucy Acupuncture Galway and Pregnancy

Hooray you are now pregnant.  Acupuncture Galway will help you though your pregnancy.  Being pregnant is very exciting but also very scary because your body is going thought a lot of changes.  You can get quite anxious.  Acupuncture is very safe to use in pregnancy.

There is a growing trend for drug free pregnancy. Acupuncture techniques promote natural childbirth and well-being during pregnancy.

From my own personal point of view. I am blessed with 3 healthy happy children and used acupuncture in all my pregnancies. It help me prepare for labour. Helped give me the energy I needed when the baby arrived.  Helped me with the 3 day blues. In most cases stops the highs and lows you get.  In my first pregnancy I developed high blood pressure. Acupuncture helped to keep my blood pressure level down and avoided a stay in hospital.  In both my second and third pregnancy I suffered with haemorrhoids, very painful nasty little things, I couldn’t sit down, found it hard to sleep because of the pain.  After my first acupuncture treatment the pain was gone and I was able to sleep. I continued treatment thought out my pregnancy I remained pain free. Had a good feeling of well being though out my pregnancies.

Some typical Symptoms of Pregnancy

Nausea and Vomiting this can last until the first trimester or can continue though out your pregnancy.  Acupuncture is a proven medicine to help ease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting along with dietary advice.

Heart Burn and Reflux are treated very successfully with acupuncture.

Constipation is accepted as part of a normal pregnancy.  This can extremely uncomfortable for you with a feeling of fullness and you can feel bloated.  Acupuncture will help to get things moving to help relieve the symptoms. Along with dietary advice.

Other Conditions Treated by Lucy Townsley Acupuncture Clinic

Haemorrhoids and Vuval Varicosities and Various Veins these can be very painful. Acupuncture is excellent at helping with the pain, itching, heaviness, aching sensation and local swelling also bleeding.  Along with life style and dietary advice.  I found acupuncture is quite amazing to help with these symptoms.

Urinary Tract Infections this can be painful with urgent, burning, dribbling and frequent urination. Can also cause tiredness sometimes chronic tiredness.  Acupuncture is excellent to help with this problem by clearing the infection and helping the energy.  If you leave this untreated there is a possibility of miscarriage.

Exhaustion and Fatigue this is tiredness or complete exhaustion, this can happen in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy as you body adjust to being pregnant.  Also as you baby grows you are carrying around a lot more weight and this can exhausted your energy.  You might not be sleeping well, have pain that is disturbing your sleep. Pain can wear your energy down. It is really important when you are pregnant to rest for at least 20 to 30 or more minutes during the day. Acupuncture will help to build up your energy, alongside lifestyle and dietary changes.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms you spleen energy is responsible for holding things in place; you need energy to do this, to hold your pregnancy in place.

Anaemia your are low in iron, with symptoms of tiredness, palpitations, dizziness and shortness of breath, loss of appetite, loose stool, blurred vision, cramps in the muscles.  Acupuncture tonfies you to build your iron levels back up.  Along with rest this is very important to help build back up your blood levels.  Also your diet some foods such as red meat, animal liver, corn, oats, rice, spinach, beetroot, mushrooms, apricots, grapes, avocados, dates, kidney beans, black sesame seeds, tofu, wheat and wheat germ cereals, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, cooked chickpeas, soya beans, eggs.

Insomnia there are lots of reasons why you can’t sleep, nausea, increased urination, heartburn, difficulty in changing positions when you are asleep, worry, stress of the unknown in pregnancy, stress of the birth, lack of energy because you need energy to sleep.  Acupuncture helps your energy, calms the heart energy to help improve sleep, pacifies the Liver energy to help with stress and worry.

Depression and Anxiety this can be part of pregnancy there are a lot of changes going on in your body.  You can become irritable, cry, become weepy, fearful, and overwhelmed by the whole pregnancy, have mood swings, sleep disturbance.  You could be suffering from nausea and this can make you feel down in yourself, or prolonged tiredness, loss of interest in things.  In traditional Chinese medicine the emotions are understood in terms of their relationship to the different organs in the body, spleen feeling down melancholic, heart happiness, kidney fear, lung grief and sadness, liver frustration and anger.  We should all experience these emotions on a normal healthy level, but an excess of emotions causes ill health.  This emphasizes the interconnection between the organs and the emotional state.  So in TCM and to help achieve more balance in the emotions to help relieve the symptoms.  As well as life style changes, like pregnancy yoga, Qi Gong, walking, swimming or other relaxing activities.  I know that it is hard to find the time in our busy life to make the changes in your life style. It is important for your health and the health of your unborn baby that you make the changes necessary.
Diet advice: avoid too much stimulating food sugary snacks, coffee, processed foods.

Pain in Pregnancy could be lower back pain, rib, hip, pelvic and sciatica pain, symphysis pubis pain, upper back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg cramps.  From a traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture point of view, pain is a blockage in the pathways either due to a deficiency or an access usually in your liver energy. Acupuncture would focus of riding you of the pain.

Itching you could have itchy skin and a rash that can cover some or all parts of your body. It can be very red and have skin eruptions.  You need to contact your doctor or midwife about these symptoms.  If they are happy with you, acupuncture can ease the itching dramatically and can give you relief.  You could also take a cool bath. Don’t eat hot spicy foods. Wear loose fitting clothes.

High Blood Pressure – Hypertension – Preclampsia symptoms are oedema, swollen ankles and fingers, protein in urine, dizziness, blurred vision and tiredness.  You need your blood pressure monitored by your doctor or midwife alongside acupuncture treatments to help bring down the High Blood Pressure.  For the best results start acupuncture treatments as soon as you can.

Breech and Posterior Positions  Acupuncture has had great success in helping turn the baby into the right position with the application of moxibustion (heat treatmnent) on the acupuncture point called Zhiyin this point is located on your baby toe. It is especially affective at 34 weeks, but can be affective up to 38 to 39 weeks in your pregnancy.

Induction and acupuncture helps bring on your labour.  Acupuncture induction is safe and effective and works harmoniously with the delicate hormonal balance of pregnancy to promote labour.  I find that women will often progress into labour after their first treatment but sometimes you will require more acupuncture treatments. 
It is good to start cervix soften treatments at 38 weeks to help with labour. The feed back from midwifes is women treated with acupuncture have a more efficient labour. With most women not needing further intervention during labour. Reducing the use of syntacinon, epidurals and c-setions.

 Acupressure can help to on labour, and can be used by your husband/partner in the hospital. 




Point hegu press this point with your thumb it is good for pain relieve








Point sanjinjiao apply pressure with your index finger this point can be very tender to the touch apply pressure for about 60 seconds







Jianjing apply firm pressure on this point to promote a downward movement.  You can apply pressure bilaterally.









Point Ciliao applies pressure as this helps to promotes dilation and helps with pain.  Use your knuckles and lean back into the person who is applying the acupressure.






Point Kunlun apply pressure with your index finger helps with pain.








 Point Neiguan apply pressure to this point with you first finger it is good to help with nausea and vomiting.