Miscarriage and acupuncture Galway

Miscarriage and acupuncture Galway

In the majority of cases there is no factor why the miscarriage has happened.  It can be down to a genetic factor both the man and women can be a carrier of chromosomal abnormalities, up to 70%.  Properly the most common cause of miscarriage is abnormalities to the embryo.  Can also be a hormonal deficiencies or infections/diseases, falls or trauma.

There is different classification of miscarriage

Threatened miscarriage, there are warning signs, lower back ache, bleeding, abdominal cramps, but the cervix is still closed.  Inevitable miscarriage, the cervix has begun to dilate and an ultra scan will show that the foetus has stopped growing.  Missed miscarriage, there is usually no signs, no bleeding, lower back ache, or cramps and a scan will show that the foetus heart beat has stopped.

Please be aware that not all bleeding indicates miscarriage, you should always contact you doctor, midwife or hospital to be checked out if you have any signs of bleeding.

Acupuncture can offer proactive help.  By helping prevent miscarriage or support and help with the recovery of a miscarriage.  This is a very frightening time for you.

You will be offered advice.  It is very important to take as much rest as possible, may be cut down on your work load, look for help to mind you’re other children so you can rest.

Dietary advice foods to avoid and foods to eat more off, keeping in mind that certain foods you can’t eat because of nausea.

You need to take care of your health during your pregnancy and try and avoid too much work physical and mental, excessive exercise, irregular diet, stress, excessive sexual activity.