Positive Fertility Create That Bump

My Top Tips To Achieve Pregnancy

Schedule a preconception tests.   Contact your local doctor and have a gynaecological exam.  Get your blood checked.  Have you had an STD test done? Make sure you are tested for rubella.

Make sure you contact my clinic to get you pregnancy ready with acupuncture, life style and dietary advice.   Call 0872273084

Take prenatal Vitamins and folic acid.

Stop taking your birth control.  Stop taking the pill.  Remove the coil.  Remove any other forms of birth control.  Stop taking the injections.

Make sure you know your ovulation time.  If you have a 28-day cycle you work back 14 days and this is a good estimate of when you ovulate, day 14.  If your cycle is longer a 30-day cycle you estimated time of ovulation would be day 16.  Make sure you look out for your mucus discharge that can happen around or just before ovulation.  This is good indication that you are going to ovulate.  You only have a 12-hour window for the egg and sperm to meet and a pregnancy to happen.   Don’t forget to have sex you need this to get pregnant.  For the best chance of a pregnancy happening to make sure you have sex every second and third day.  Sperm can live for 48 to 72 hours in the cervix.

Make sure you have enough sex.  When your period stops you need to have sex every second to the third day this gives you the most chance of a pregnancy.

Stop Smoking!!

Cut Down On Alcohol!!

Chart your temperature.   Every morning, before you get out of bed, take your temperature and write it down on a chart.  Just before you ovulate your body temperature drops only a tiny bit.  You will need to do this for a few months before you can get a clear pattern.

Best of luck