Something interesting

Something interesting

Muti media can be instrumental to how you feel, especially if you feeling low and you see your friends smiling and looking great in pictures on the multimedia web sites.  It can make you think that they are happier than you, this is not always true, no one ever puts up bad pictures of themselves.  Or you want kids and all you see is happy families.  You might be better to delete your multimedia pages and meet up with your friends for a chat and a catch up.   Even if it’s hard to do this, you will feel so much better when you have done it.  Sometimes the hardness thing to do is put on your shoes and get out the door.

Exercise is a great way to help lift you especially if you feel the dark cloud coming over you.  Again the hardest thing is to put on your shoes and get out the door.  This is hard to do when you are feeling well, so it’s can seem an impossible task when you feel depressed or anxious.  But you always feel great afterwards.

Be nice to yourself and praise yourself for your achievements.  You are amazing.

Acupuncture is fantastic and treating depression and anxiety, by helping the organ that is associated to your emotions to lift your depression

It is really vital to look out for early signs of depression, if you can, before the dark cloud overtakes you or weights you down.  It makes it easier for you to push the darkness away.

  • Signs of depression
  • Overwhelming sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Anger
  • Not wanting to get out of bed
  • Quite, not wanting to talk
  • Loss of direction
  • No motivation

Acupuncture is a proven alternative medicine to help depression.   It looks at the whole picture to try to ascertain why depression has happen, it takes into account life style, work, home life and anything else that might have cause depression.

They has been lots of study on this matter York university